Committees for 2017-2018
Appeals and Grievances Jurisprudence
James L. Sturdevant, PGHP (7) Philip G. Buchholz, PGHP (4)
Harry L. Furrey (1) Mark S. Young, PGHP (17)
James T. Rader (7) Steve W. Schlenker PGHP (7)

Budget: Finance:
Thomas R. Nance, PGHP (7) Chad Rupe (9)
Ken Badget (10) Timothy D. Forbis (1)
Preston P. Goulette (21) Harry L. Furrey (1)
Ex Officio D. Tom Smith (12) 

Charters Under Dispensation Investments:
Richard N. Lewis (19) Otto G. Uecker (6)
Kenneth R. Humphrey (7) Kraig Kobert (21)
Richard Sather (2) Wayne W. Long (19)

Visitor/Courtesy Necrology:
David “Tom” Smith (12) James R. Rader (7)
Christopher Schroeder (21) Kenneth M Badget (10) REGS
Gregory Shiek (7) All Constituent Chaplains

Credentials York Rite Cooperation:
Kenneth R. Humphrey (7) Gregory K. Shiek (7)
L. Park Davis (7) Howard P. Hill (4)
Williams A. Biggs (8) S Craig Henderson (19)

Division and Reference: Meritorious Service Award:
George Anderson (1) Mark D. Wells MEGHP
William A. Biggs (8) All Constituent Recorders
Wayne W. Long (19) 

Constitution and By-Laws: RARA
Ronald A. Van Ekeren (3)Preston P. Goulette (21)
Jack C. Cook (1) Edward N. Jones (8)
Daniel M. Johnson (6) Earl L. Stevens (10)

Time and Place: Gottsche Foundation
Grand Scribe RAM John P. Brooks, III (12)
Captain of the Guard CMDavid “Tom” Smith (12)
Grand Captain General, GC 
Per By-Laws of all  
WY Grand York Rite Bodies 
1st named is Chairman of the Committee.