Committees for 2020-2021
Appeals and Grievances Jurisprudence
Mike James PGHP (9) Joseph Boster PGHP (8)
Harry Furrey PGHP (1) Mark Wells PGHP (7)
Jack Cook (1) Dana Deuel PGHP (8)

Budget Finance
Thomas R Nance PGHP (8) Bryan J. Compton (21)
Kenneth Badget (10) Ian Heiselman (1)
Preston P. Goulette (21) William A Biggs (8)

Charters Under Dispensation Investments
Kenneth Humphrey (7) Otto G Uecker (6)
S, Craig Henderson (19) Wayne Long (19)
Mark Pesognelli (4) Richard Lewis (19)

Visitor/Courtesy Necrology
Christopher Schroeder (21) Quinn Carroll (1)
Gregory Shiek (7) Kenneth M Badget (10)
Richard N Lewis (19) Alnin Young (1)

Credentials York Rite Cooperation
Howard Hill (4) Kenneth R Humphrey (7)
Ian Heiselman (1) William Biggs (8)
John Farmer (1) Chad Rupe (9)

Division and Reference Meritorious Service Award
Steve Allen PGHP (5) MEGHP
Steve Schlenker PGHP (7) All Constituent Recorders
James L. Sturdevant PGHP (7)  

Constitution and By-Laws RARA
Ronald Van Ekeren (3) Earl Stevens (10)
Jack C Cook (1) Ian Heiselman (1)
Richard N Lewis (19) James Rader (7)

Time and Place Gottsche Foundation
Grand Scribe RAM John Brooks III (12)
Captain of the Guard CM Michael Chimenti (12)
Grand Captain General GC  

First Named is Chairman of the Committee
The Dep GHP will stand as ex-Officio for all committees.