COMMITTEES 2020-2021
Doings of the Grand Officers Richard N. Lewis (17), Preston P. Goulette (18), Christopher P. Schroeder(18)
Templar Jurisprudence Frank D. Kading (8), Harry W.C. Oberg, III, (4), Kim Kurasz (7)
Finance Richard N. Lewis (17), David Hammond (3), Otto Uecker (7)
Budget James Sturdevant (6), Christopher P. Schroeder (18), Preston P. Goulette (18)
Charters and Dispensations Mike James (12), Timothy Forbis (1)
Appeals and Grievances Edward N. Jones (8), Calvin E. Van Zee (3), Steve Schlenker (6)
Necrology Kenneth Humphrey (6) and all Constituent Recorders
Jewels James Sturdevant (6), Richard N. Lewis (17), Wayne Long (17)
York Rite Cooperation Weston Hubele (8), Cornelius Kinsey (18), Mark Pesognelli (2)
Black Horse Troop Robert Finley (7), No Committee- Report on
Membership Committee Howard P. Hill (2), Christopher P. Schroeder (18), Steve Schlenker (6)
Perpetual Life Membership Jack C. Cook (1), Richard N. Lewis (17), Preston P. Goulette (18)
Holy Land Pilgrimage Kenneth Humphrey (6), David Hough (9), Calvin E. Van Zee (3)
Triennial Fund Otto Uecker (7), Mark S. Young (13), Kim Kurasz (7)
Educational Foundation T. Mark Mickelson (18), Kenneth Badget (9), Richard N. Lewis (17)
Visitor Committee Gregory K Shiek (6), All Past Grand Commanders
KTEF James L. Sturdevant (6)
Time & Place GCG Christopher P. Schroeder (18), Grand Scribe RAM, Grand C of G CM
Per By-Laws of all Grand York Rite Bodies
Knights Templar Magazine T. Mark Mickelson (18), All Recorders and Sir Knights
Credentials Kenneth Humphrey (6), George Anderson (1)
Patriotic and Civic Activities Kenneth M. Badget (9), Harry L. Furrey (1)

The Deputy Grand Commander is an Ex Officio Member of all Grand Commandery Committees