COMMITTEES 2020-2021
Division and Reference Necrology and Memorials
Gregory K. Shiek (3) Michael M. Messenger (6)
Timothy D. Forbis (8) All Constituent Recorders
Harry W. C. Oberg, III (10)

Credentials York Rite Cooperation
Kenneth R. Humphrey (3) Steve W. Schlenker (3)
William A. Biggs (1) Mark D. Wells (3)
Thomas C. Harmon, MIPGM (11) Howard P. Hill (5)

Appeals and Grievances CMMRF
S. Craig Henderson, MIPGM (7) David Hough (6)
David “Tom” Smith, MIPGM (6) Mark Pesognelli (5)
Christopher P. Schroeder (13) Harry L. Furrey (8)

Jurisprudence Great Plains Rendezvous
Thomas R. Nance, MIPGM (3) Jack C. Cook, MIPGM (8)
Richard N. Lewis, MIPGM (7) Richard N. Lewis, MIPGM (7)
Otto G. Uecker, MIPGM (4)

Budget Constitution and By-laws
Gary D. Skillern, MIPGM (8) Mark Young (11)
Calvin E. Van Zee (2) Larry J. Farnham (2)
Kenneth M. Badget (6)

Finance Perpetual Life Membership Board
Gregory K. Shiek (3) James L. Sturdevant, MIGM (3)
Otto G. Uecker (4) Calvin E. Van Zee (2)
Edward N. Jones (1) Gregory K. Shiek (3)

Investments Time and Place
Calvin E. Van Zee (2) Harry W. C. Oberg, III (10)
Otto G. Uecker (4) Captain of the Guard
Edward N. Jones (1)